Top 10 Tips to Write a Dissertation Literature Review

Top 10 Tips to Write a Dissertation Literature Review
July 21, 2020
Author : Jeffery

Literature is complex beyond imagination and writing a dissertation literature review is no child’s play. You have to research on your reading material thoroughly and observe the key loopholes present in that piece. It is important for you to engage with the material to be able to present a unique point of view and opinion. You can only criticize something when you truly understand it. Literature review writing is a crucial piece of writing in academia and can not be taken for granted. It helps you develop the ability to critically analyze a piece of writing and conduct in-depth research on the same. All in all, it is one of the most important learning experiences of your academic learning and a great deal of time and effort is needed in this. These 10 tips for writing a dissertation literature review are extremely handy for someone who is doing this for the first time. Let’s dig into them.

To write is to read

It is important to be well-read about your reading material, spend time researching the subject matter. Understand the background, critical reviews, articles, and more. The more you read and research about a certain topic, the more edge you would have over it. All you have to do is select some keywords from your matter and search them on google. Keep diving into the sea of information until you get the right information. You also read abstracts and reviews on your reading material to get the point of view of others. first read to write

Refer sample literature reviews

Search for sample dissertation literature reviews that others have written. It will help you find your own approach towards the same. It will also make you accustomed to the themes and styles of writing literature reviews. You must observe the language and formats used to write, which would provide you with the right dissertation literature review help.

Don’t try too hard

Keep it as simple and authentic as possible. Your own views and opinions will be appreciated way more than you trying to be someone else. Once you have gone through various samples, it is easy to get away with a lot of choices and views at hand. It is important to find your foot. Literature is enough complicated in itself, you should keep it as easy as possible. Limit your entire work to certain niches so be more clear about what you are trying to convey.

Be updated with sources

Make sure that the sources you are referring to are new and updated. Various articles that were written decades ago are mostly outdated. New analyses and viewpoints are always popping up and it is important to stay updated.

Good navigation throughout the review

With all the research you have done and samples you have read. It is easy to lose track of what you are working on and trying to convey. Make sure that the entire review is well structured and table of contents well numbered. With all the thoughts you have regarding the area of matter, it is important to organize your content well.


The conclusion of the dissertation literature reviews should always have a brief summary of the entire review. The entire literature review shall be well summed up within the conclusion. Here are two dissertation literature review samples that you can refer to: dissertation literature review sample dissertation literature review sample 2

Don’t mention what’s already there

Understand that you have been given this assessment to understand your knowledge of the subject, how you would comprehend the piece of literature. You just keep writing about what the author is saying, they already know what’s written there. Make sure that you comprehend and interpret the work based on your understanding.

Back your arguments

No one cares about the conclusion until you have proof to back it up. Make sure that the arguments you present are well supported by the obvious evidence. The evidence and source of your information is the most crucial aspect in the literature review.

Be selective with the information

You must have stumbled upon the hundreds of articles and it is important to filter the information. There are tonnes of articles available on the internet but not everything is relevant to you. Everything you gather, review it well to decide what you want to use and what you want to discard.

Your opinions are the game changers

Don’t forget to give your dissertation literature review a personal touch. Your interpretation of the literature work is what will decide your grade. Everyone knows what’s written in there and what the author is trying to say. It is important for you to mention what is received by you. Your opinion is the key to a good grade in the literature review. opinion is the key

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