Understanding The Borton Reflective Model With Example
May 14, 2024
Author : Bill Williams

Understanding Borton’s Reflective Model is an important part of your academic and professional development. In both the academic and professional environment, you need to develop the basic elements of the reflective model. What does it mean? What does it encompass? And what does it have to do with your academic and professional development? How can it help you to achieve your academic and professional goals in an effective way? We will answer these questions with precision and thought in mind to guide you in the effective implementation of this model in your life.

Borton’s model of reflection 1970 was a revolutionary theoretical concept and a model introduced. It was developed keeping in mind how different people grapple with their own lives. The model, from then, has been a stepping stone whenever someone faces a roadblock. The model will also help you to build your personality and mentality. This will help you look at your academic tasks differently and score well. We will take care of the fact that you are still learning to manage your academic responsibilities and personal obligations.

What Is The Borton’s Reflective Model?

The Borton’s Reflective Model, which is also known as the “Borton’s Framework”, was developed in 1970. It was the seed of thought from the mind of an educational theorist and consultant, Terry Borton. What Borton intended to do from the theoretical perspective of this model is bring a wider perspective on personal and professional development. Due to the simplicity and effectiveness of Borton’s model, it is widely used in different settings. The theories of the model consist of three crucial components, which comprise different ideas.

The Three Questions Of The Model

The three components of Borton’s model of reflection 1970 consisted of three questions. These questions focused on bringing a thorough understanding of the situations and experiences. The model encompasses the reflection on these experiences to bring new perspectives. By having these new perspectives and understandings, one develops both personally and professionally. Borton’s model reflected on the importance of reflection in itself for people from all walks of life. Whether a student or a professional, the significance of this model covers a very large portion of people. Let us understand closely what these three questions are.


The first question in the Borton’s Reflective Model is - “What?” As it can be understood, the question “what” implies the description of any event or situation. This was the basic part of the model in the initial stages of reflection. In this stage of the reflection, one reflects on understanding the basic nature of the event or experience. Examples can be like these -

“What… happened?”

“What was the reason?”

“other people did?”

“What… did I do”?

“What… about the event?”

“So What?”

Following the first question about understanding the basic nature of an event or experience, the second question is - “So what?”. The second question of Borton’s model of reflection 1970 talks about the analysis of the event or experience. In this stage, you begin to look into the things more closely related to the event or experience. This helps you to bring clarity and the ability to develop lessons, perspectives and productive conclusions. Here are some examples -

“So, what... did I think about it when it happened?”

What ?

“could I have done about it?”

“did others feel when it was happening?”

“can I learn from it?”

what... does it encompass?”

“Now, What?”

Hope you are not getting confused about this model. If you are, going for academic writing services can help you look at this model more clearly with an expert mentor. Coming to the third question of this model - “Now what?”. This final stage of this model reflects on the practical efforts part. In this stage, you think about the actions you can take now. What can you do about the event that happened, and what outcome does it entail? Look at a few examples to understand better -

“Now, what... course of action should I take?”

“Now, what

“can be done differently?”

“are the implications if we don’t act on it?”

“do I do as a first step?”

“is the new perspective I can think about?”

How Does It Relate To Your Responsibilities?

Borton’s Reflective Model is an effective and straightforward method to look at an event, think about it differently, and come up with different solutions. Whether you are a student or a professional working in a particular setting, it can help you immensely. Anyone can make mistakes while performing their tasks and taking any course of action. Even if you don’t commit a mistake, you might observe that there is something wrong and that something can be improved. The model allows you to think about the matter and reflect on the key details to make improvements.

Borton’s model of reflection 1970 is a part of many different fields serving a similar purpose. The fields of education, healthcare, management, and social work practically implement this method. Teachers look at it to devise new methods to teach. Nurses and doctors look at it to learn about treating patients better. Management looks at it to develop new ideas of proper organisation. Social workers look at it to come up with a framework which fosters continuous productivity. As a student, it helps you to look at it to find the solutions for your academic goals.

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