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What are Narrative Conventions
December 14, 2023
Author : Bill

Lost in the fictional tales and waiting for the events to take place. You spend hours in between the pages and pull all-nighters without getting tired. Have you ever wondered how that's possible? Because it is exhausting to put in this much effort when it comes to college assignments. You remain hooked because you are tamed by the art of storytelling. This art can only be mastered when you are familiar with the narrative conventions and know how you can make the most of them. 

Everyone has something to tell, some locked-up thoughts that they want to share. But their writing skills are holding them back. Without exceptional writing and storytelling skills, how can you present yourself? Writing is not only about having command over the languages. To be a great writer, you have to learn how to make your content look appealing to a larger audience. This can be possible if you are familiar with the conventions of narrative and know how to use narrative techniques. So, without any further ado, let's get started and explore the types of narrative conventions! 

What are the Types of Narrative Conventions?

In the narratives (stories), conventions are the pieces and parts that put the story together and make it appealing to the larger audience. With the use of convictions, you can bring the flow into your story and hook the readers. These conventions are mainly used in dramas and literature. Moving further, we can classify these narrative conventions as secondary and primary conventions. Here, we will discuss both of them in detail. But just a heads up, you can spot the primary conventions everywhere in the literature, while secondary conventions are not that much common. Below mentioned are the types of conventions: 

Understanding Primary Conventions

Let's understand all the primary conventions in detail so that you can express yourself well and make your stories stand out with their proper use. 

Point of View

When you work on any story, you have to select the point of few you are going to pick. First-person point of view, second-person point of view, and third-person point of view are widely used. However, there's no rule that says you need to stick to one and use 'I' Or 'We' throughout the write-up. Of Course, you can switch, but with proper transitions and space.


The setting is like the backbone of your story. Without a setting, you cannot come up with the proper conventional narrative structure. If you want to fuel the imagination of readers, you need to focus on both the destination and the descriptive setting. But make sure to avoid unnecessary details. 

Descriptive Language

Figurative language and sensory explanations can keep the readers hooked for hours. By using descriptive language, you need to create a vivid picture in the reader's mind. It would be best to keep it natural without going overboard. 

Plot Development

How you are moving on with your story and unearthing the truth is the plot of the story. It is one of the important narrative conventions as it allows you to decide whether you want to keep things hidden till the end or what surprise bombs you can drop. 


No story is ever completed without the conflicts. All the things happening in the story are the result of conflicts created by the author. These conflicts are basically the problems faced by the protagonist. Moreover, it is also responsible for the turning of events. 


We all know what the theme is, and we can easily sum it up in one word. The theme is like a central topic of the narrative. For example, war, love, unity etc. Some stories also have minor and major themes. 


Last but not least, the conventions of narrative writing are characters. The development of the protagonist and antagonist is necessary as the whole story revolves around their actions, emotions, and reactions. 

Understanding Secondary Conventions

You can only find the secondary conventions in some hand-picked sections of the literature. But it's important to be aware of it as it can be a part of your assignment. So, scroll down to explore! 

Character Development

This character development is different from what we have discussed above. This means developing the growth dimensions of the character and going in-depth into their past.


The mood is one of the narrative conventions which can make the story twice as fun as you can establish: emotional mood, scary or mysterious mood with proper descriptions and details. 


Voices are the different ideas, views and perceptions of the characters in the story. Opposing voices with proper analysis makes your story more intriguing and hooking for the readers. 


The tone is basically the manner used by the author to present the voice in the story. It can be claimed to be suspenseful, scary, or flirtatious. To understand this better, you can check out some stories that come up with narrative conventions examples.

What is the Importance of Narrative Conventions? 

All the conventions we have discussed may sound complicated to you initially. But once you learn to use them and write multiple stories using them, you shall become fond of them. Moreover, you will love it when you can use your words as a weapon to keep your readers hooked and influence their ideas. But all this cannot be possible if your story does not have narrative conventions. Let's check out some more important conventions! 

  • If you want to properly organize the structure of your writing, convections can make it easier for you. 
  • Your dream of keeping the readers hooked for hours can be fulfilled with proper conventions. 
  • You can work on personal development and become a better writer if you master the use of conventions. 
  • After practicing the conventions, composing enthralling stories will come naturally to you. 
  • You get to stay on top of the class and preserve the art of storytelling if you know conventional narrative meaning and how to use them. 

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