50 Best Construction Dissertation Topic Ideas for Students

50 Best Construction Dissertation Topic Ideas for Students
June 30, 2021
Author : Ian

Students pursuing architecture or civil engineering programs are required to put together exciting projects on a range of different topics. Construction project topics are exhilarating and thought-evoking. If you are a student of architecture and you are at liberty to choose your own topic for your dissertation, we have compiled a list of 50 Best Construction Dissertation Topic Ideas for Students 2021. You can choose from a list of topics that are of great relevance in the present scenario.

Construction Dissertation tips

The global construction and civil engineering sector

The construction of the civil engineering sector around the world is perhaps the most significant polluter of our times. It is also a major greenhouse gas emitter. Across the world, the civil engineering sectors have been responsible for massive pollution. From the manufacturing of construction material to employing construction material for civil use, the levels of emission into air and water tables are quite high. Further, there is also significant pollution from demolition activities. Therefore, the stakeholders globally are recognizing sustainable practices in the industry to be able to find a more enduring way to meet the construction and development needs of the 21st century. Here are the 50 Best Construction Dissertation Topic Ideas for Students 2021which will help you get a deeper understanding of the nitty-gritty involved in contemporary constructions.

Here’s your list of 50 Best Construction Dissertation Topic Ideas

1 How to increase the service life of construction structures

2 Sustainable practices to take care of demolition waste or debris

3 Construction components that can be recycled and reused

4 Repurposing rather than demolishing

5 Is recycling construction material an energy-intensive process?

6 Economy of repurposing vs rebuilding

7 Does contemporary technology provide for moving buildings from one place to another?

8 Retrofitting techniques used to restore and replace old buildings

9 Exterior renovations of dilapidated structures

10 Limitations of retrofitted structures

11 Ergonomic aspects of modern-day structures

12 Meeting the demands of sustainable development through enduring construction techniques; a critical analysis

13 Can the process of retrofitting give old buildings a new lease of life?

14 Is it possible to build more than 100 m without a foundation of steel or concrete

15 Sustainability; the importance of creating enduring structures for the present and future

16 The evolving construction techniques

17 The most intriguing features of the modern smart cities

18 A critical evaluation of smart construction materials

19 Sustainable energy mechanisms

20 Enhancing sustainability through timely maintenance and caution

21 Redevelopment projects in the developed countries vs the developing countries

22 The human displacement cost of redevelopment

23 Sustainable energy systems used in construction

24 Smart facades and their roles in the rationalization of energy.

25 Integration of sustainable construction frameworks in the construction sector

26 Employing Low carbon solutions in the construction industry

27 How to determine if a construction structure has become functionally outdated?

28 Together towards reducing the greenhouse emissions caused by the construction sector

29 Variegated points of view in modern-day sustainable architecture.

30 What is the functional life of civil structures

31 The use of artificial intelligence in constructing the marvels of the future

32 An assessment analysis on the enduring Urbanization Performance founded on the principle of Origin or “basis”

33 Critically evaluate the effect of “Modernization” on the contemporary construction structures and techniques

34 The most important factors to be taken into account for the purpose of green building construction projects.

35 A critical evaluation of the green construction methods employed in Singapore. 

36 The hybrid techniques of construction using entropy

37 Lean construction practices: How to identify the most suitable lean construction methods for your construction project

38 The key factors that drive civil constructions of today; A critical analysis

39 The global effort towards building a robust and resilient sustainable environment.

40 How the solid waste problem impacts the construction and civil engineering industry across the world

41 Perform a mini-review of the modern-day construction practices used to build the structures of the future.

42 Marine ranching methods and their impact on the global ecology; A critical review

43 Performance analysis of the structural equation method of construction.

44 The changes in the construction methodology brought about by modern-day industrialization.

45 Principles of demolition waste management; A critical review

46 The overall impact of water conservation practices on the construction industry around the world

47 The principles of judicious use in the theory of construction

48 Life cycle review of different methodologies in green constructions

49 Constructions designs to suit the thermal comfort of the individuals

50 Cement; the most significant contributor to the CO2 levels across the world.

How to choose your construction dissertation topic?

Construction dissertations are not the easiest research papers. When you are assigned a dissertation on construction, you are expected to return a detailed treatise explaining the diverse sub disciplines and causal factors within the topic. It is important to choose a topic that not only interests you but also allows you to broaden your understanding of contemporary construction methods and their relevance in today’s development-centred world.

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