10 Most Hilarious Excuses for Not Doing Homework

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July 08, 2021
Author : Sofia

Homework is something that a majority of the students dread. Even though they know the repercussions of skipping it, they choose to not do them. Educators around the globe must have come across a variety of excuses from students for not doing their homework, some of which might be quite hilarious as well! Trust us, our assignment help experts have even heard some of the funniest homework excuses from students too.

benefits of homework

Undeniably, homework has several plus points for students. However, students perceive it in some other way. If we consider the perspective of a student, they see an assignment as a serious hurdle in the path of things that they love to do such as hanging out with friends, travelling, binge-watching, playing video games, etc. It has been found out that over 70% of students in the world do not like doing homework.

If a new marvel comic book was released recently, who would want to leave it and complete an assignment? This is the time they try to think of some excuses that can help them snatch some more time from the professors (some of which can be really hilarious)! So, this blog is an amalgamation of the 10 Most Hilarious Excuses for Not Doing Homework that our assignment experts have come across in the recent few years. Let us get started.

“Someone else stole it”

“I remember well how I had packed the bag and kept my homework inside it. However, when I went to the washroom and returned to the classroom, I saw it was not there- someone must have stolen it”.

This is one of those most common excuses that every student must have given at least once in their life, isn’t it? Well, every professor must have witnessed this hilarious excuse of not doing homework from every student.

“My dad carried it to work”

“I was having breakfast while the homework was there on the table. As soon as I finished the breakfast, I said it wasn’t there. My dad must have mistakenly carried my homework with him to the office”.

How often have you blame your parents for not doing your homework, quite often, haven’t you? This is probably because it is a safe excuse among any other. But the hilarious part in this is that every professor knows already that it is just an excuse, nothing else.

“I have given it to my friend and he is absent today”

“I completed the assignment many days back already, but my friend took it from me. And on the day of submission, he is absent”.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. As rightly said, every student might have used their friends as an excuse for not doing homework. And, this excuse might have also saved your grades, or at least provided you some extra time to complete the work, isn’t it?

“My pet peed on it”

“The assignment was kept on the table when my pet came running and peed on it. It became all soggy”.

Students who have pets at home are always in a better position while thinking of excuses for not doing their homework. This is because the pet can do anything with their work, isn’t it? However, this happens to be one of the most hilarious excuses coming from the students.

“Ran out of toilet paper”

“While coming to college this morning, we ran out of toilet paper, and in such an emergency, my dad took my assignment (thinking it to be a waste paper)”!

According to our assignment help experts, the most hilarious excuse that we have come across till now has to be this one, undoubtedly. With this excuse, it appears that the world is in danger, isn’t it?

“Wifi not working”

“I had almost researched everything that I wanted to include in my assignment. And then, the wifi stopped working”.

Gone are the days when students had the excuse of not being able to complete the work due to electricity failure. In this generation, inverters do not let them make this excuse. So what? When will the wifi come to rescue them? Owing to the significance of wifi in the world of students these days, every professor would have come across this excuse frequently from students.

“Sudden invasion by guests”

“It was 10 am in the morning when I just started off with the assignment. Suddenly, the bell rang and there were the guests who did not budge before Sunday midnight. Naturally, I did not get ample time to complete the assignment”.

Guests have always played a potent role in the lives of students. Knowing how often they visit the places of students, it is quite evident that they become one of the greatest sources of excuses for students.

“I did not want to add on the pressure on my professor”

“I knew how busy my professor was last week. So, I did not want to put more pressure on her by giving her the assignment”.

Just by reading it, you might think, “How considerate”! On the other hand, your professor would think it to be completely fake. Doesn’t it sound hilarious? You wouldn’t get any extra time for your work if you come up with such excuses.

“I was unwell”

“I was suffering from fever/headache/stomach ache which is why it was not possible for me to do the homework”.

Whenever the submission date of any assignment arrives, it looks as if every student gets unwell together, doesn't it? While someone might be down with fever, others might not be able to get relief from headaches, body pain, and whatnot. Only a handful of students would actually be ill, while the others just make excuses for not doing homework.

 “I did not know the submission date”

“I was ready with all the information to be included in the work, however, I thought that the submission date was a week later”.

Most of the students are not very good with the dates, which is why they often miss out on the actual deadlines. When they miss the deadline, they fail to complete their work in such a small amount of time and make such excuses.

These are the 10 Most Hilarious Excuses for Not Doing Homework that we have come across in these years. Well, if you get in touch with our assignment help experts, then probably, you wouldn’t need these excuses to save your grades! We also provide you with a number of unique value-added services to make things a little easier for you.

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