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How often should you reference your university assignments
August 11, 2021
Author : Jeffery

An article reference in a university may be a headache. How many references do you need? When should the reference be used? Should you utilise clues even if a direct quotation has not been used? What are the many clues? You can decrease the burden of your essay by being able to refer well. In this blog, our experts who provide essay writing help have answered some of the restricting questions that should make the process somewhat smoother in order to facilitate writing the essays.

You can refer to your content to demonstrate the markers that you genuinely deal with in your story. It is also crucial because it shows that you read the key sources on your subject. They also demonstrate that you have examined carefully how every source connects to the subject you write about. You appear to know a lot about your subject, the most helpful references you enter. Nor is it always in the bulk. It is quite crucial to add quality sources that actually value your essay.

Bibliography incorporation is a desirable university practice. If you are still reading, write more about your subject or publish your work, it is necessary to provide the authors' compliments on their work that they learned and inspired. The bibliography also offers a great resource to be used for future studies.

How often should you reference your university assignments

How Many References Are Too Many References?

Too many indications can, of course, be used. You have to select the sources that contribute to your essay, support, challenge, or raise significant and fascinating questions. Please remember that your subject coordinators also want your own thinking to be shown. There isn't much room to make a good contribution to using too many clues. You should generally try to use one to three in order to support every key point you make. This depends, of course, on the issue and the matter at stake, but it is a fair general guide. It can be helpful to split your post in a smart way so that you know how many references you use.

Here is An Excellent Guide for Finding the Perfect Balance for Any Academic Project


Approximately 10 percent of your content should be your introduction. You may choose to utilise a reference, depending on the number of your words, to discuss your subject in this area.


The major body (including the main points in your argument) of your article should make up roughly 75 percent of your piece. Example: You will have 1500 words to employ in 2000 words. Each key argument you would make should be measured in a total of between 1 and 3 paragraphs in between 200 and 400 words. This provides you with room for five crucial spots, each with 2 or 3 points. Try to use, if feasible, direct or indirect references. Sometimes text references also have to be used.


The conclusion of your paper should be roughly 15%. In your concluding remarks, you may choose to use 1-3 recommendations to borrow. Naturally, the number of references your essay should include is very tough to establish correctly. This completely depends on the issue and the number of words. For example, a philosophy essay can be critical and subject-heavy and you may therefore need more references than a conventional Essay for English Literature. You need to take your subject and your topic into account.

Why Do You Need to Be Trustworthy?

It's self-evident, yet it's critical. In essence, references are a technique to acknowledge your work before you and to show where your evidence of a given claim originates. Most students worry that quotations are above all a sort of self-discipline: their teachers or professors or examinees are looking for spots in which they have not learned what they should have learned and placed it properly on the market.

If you come up with an idea that someone else had come up with before, it's not cheating. The reason why your examiner will bring out what has already been expressed is to profit from other people's efforts by understanding what might be a well-done and contradicting version of your argument (after all, someone was probably paid to write it).

You should also have the trust to make a formal claim, and that claim should be supported (based on a land survey). You can say, for example, that 1,000 chickens are stolen every day from farms worldwide. You need some form of the source to draw on as it is not possible to have general knowledge. This means that someone who has come to understand your work and wishes to see an argument and can check out that source to see whether it signifies what you say they are doing.

Why do you need to be trustworthy

"What if I Build on Their Ideas?"

Instead of writing, "Jones (1999) states theft of chicken is vital in farm communities," don't tell it all, "I go beyond Jones and it shows why not only the farmers but also the whole community, even those countries that do not depend on the primary industry are concerned with it. It demonstrates that not only have you read the books, but you also use them to publicise your cause. Therefore, even if you skip what they say, you should refer to the author.

Ensure that the Indicators Work

If you question how many references should you have, what you generally try to ask is "How much should I study?" As an essay writing help provider, I am here to tell you that if that is not your question and you honestly think the markers read your list of books only and tally the number of resources heuristic to your grade quality. If you do nothing, you should not simply give indications to your work. As such, you need not include numerous references to the same subject from several persons. The exception to this last rule is to illustrate how much work you do in the area. For example, I would say "(e.g., Jones 1999, Smith 2005, Bloggs 2010) if I said, I could build on the existing piracy literature." Stick to them otherwise, if they are in accordance with what you say.

Quality and Quantity are Important

The fundamental question, as noted above, is how much you need to read for an essay. There seem to be some features here to play with. Are there 1000, or 1500, or 2000 or 2500? The amount of effort you need to implement can rise as the numbers increase. Telling how significant an item is: you don't have to worry when it comes to the building as if it's building a giant lump for your ultimate grade.

Let's thus state that you'll find, read and utilise all 10 journal articles in depth. Because all the references can reach the body of your paper and fill up to 75 percent of the text, you may look at a reference that is reviewed by your peers, depending on the word 2500. I'm comfortable as a person with that, but in the following section I'll pour everything out.

Above all, the Quality of the Issues Involved

Honestly, how often you define the writers doesn't matter. It is what you do with these clues that matters.

What does that mean? 

You have to be attentive to what you are saying. You should ask yourself (and then reply to your narrative) why the argument you are arguing supports, instead of just throwing the author and date. What about their argument if you quote an author who disagrees with them? Why? These few basic questions can considerably increase the quality of your essay if you answer it, because it will show, rather than trying to create an argument and then spray on other quotes to make it sound "academic," you think of books and topics.

Avail Assignment Writing Help from Experts if Needed

Make sure to write essays to help you write high-quality articles. Consider why you're citing someone and, if required, use quotation marks (backing up a claim, or acknowledging where your dispute was preceded or influenced by another author). Put yourself into what you're saying. And, if you still find yourself stuck while referencing your university essay, avail of our essay writing help. You will be glad to know that we provide university assignment help in under 12 hours! My Assignment Services has been the preferred choice for thousands of students worldwide when it comes to taking online help for assignments. If you have a query, simply fill out the form and one of our customer service executives will contact you in no time.

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