How to Write an Investigative Report Essay

Investigative Report Essay
May 26, 2021
Author : Ian

Are you writing a report for your university? It may not be as easy and straightforward as you think! Report writing has many folds and layers, each more complicated than another. Report writing is not just any form of academic assignment. It takes extensive groundwork and research to be able to present a detailed and well-grounded research report on any topic. A report is different from other forms of academic writing. A report must present a detailed account of the discipline. whereas certain other types of academic papers provide a greater scope of creativity, eloquence and expression, report writing strictly concerns itself with providing empirical data and factual writing. there is no leeway for creative analogies and opinionated summarizations.

report writing

Report writing is an intricate style of writing which requires the student to present facts and figures as they are without exaggerations, appropriations, misrepresentations or implications. The text must be direct, explanatory and explicit without being coloured by bias or judgement. In this blog, we will discuss the most manifest requirements of report writing. A report essentially asks a student to describe the direct implications and immediate causes of phenomena as well as its causes rather than looking at the influencing factors and contributing scenarios. An assessment paper or a research paper looks at related phenomena as well as the historical factors contributing to any phenomena.

essentials of report writing

Fundamentals of Writing a Report

Investigative Research

Research is the most important part of writing any academic paper. However, when it comes to reporting writing, research simply reflects on fact-finding. whereas researching about the topics to write dissertations and research papers requires the students to delve into detailed factors such as the factors contributing to the development of a subject, in case of a report, the student is merely required to state the facts as they are while also explaining the direct implications of each fat or statistic. The report does not demand the student to explore the profundities of the subject such as cause and effect connections between interrelated components.


Collation and compilation are important elements of report writing. Since effective report writing revolved around a clear and objective statement of facts, collating facts from vast volumes of data holds undeniable significance in report writing. Writing a relevant and informative report requires the student to use their ordinary judgement and prudence to be able to present a straight picture of the situation that the student has been asked to study.

Accurate compilation

Compiling the most relevant information from the vast volume of data holds great significance if you want to put together a high-scoring report. depending upon the objective and purpose of the report, a student is required to present relevant facts to support a theory. the students are not required to discuss diverse schools of thought related to the subject. Writing a report requires the student to reject irrelevant information while keeping only the most important data.

Precise pronouncement of facts, figures and statistics

A report is a linear, honest and candid presentation of facts without any bias or judgement. reporting the facts with accuracy and precision helps in creating a clear picture of the subject in question. A report is not the form of writing in which the student has the liberty to present his or her own opinion. the student must adhere strictly to the rules of objective reporting. This includes refraining from offering their personal views or alternative suggestions as well.

A logical analysis

A report must also propagate logical deductions from the given facts about the subject. The report must clearly define the scope and extent of phenomena and how it affects individuals, institutions, communities and organizations.

Non-hypothetical style of writing

It is also of essential importance that the report is written in a representative style of expression without poetry or prose. the students must strictly adhere to the required format and present a logical analysis without any falsities, factual errors or inconsistencies. It is of primary importance in report writing to write in a matter as direct as possible. the tone of writing must not be incidental or divergent. the student must stick to the purpose that the report aims to address and should not stray from the topic. Whereas other forms of writing require students to present arguments to support a central hypothesis or proposal, report writing requires the students to simply present facts in an organized manner.

Real-world case studies

A report is of no value if it does not provide a descriptive account of a real-world situation as well as its direct impact on other situations. the student needs to provide a full-fledged report of the facts, dates and timelines related to an event.


Citations are an important part of any kind of academic paper. However, they hold a special significance when it comes to reporting writing. Since a report largely talks about the fact, it is equally important to demonstrate the sources that the facts have been derived from. the student must provide a list of sources from which he has sourced the information used to compile the report.

The Bottom Line

A report is not like a discussion or a critique. Whereas a critique or assessment paper critically analyses the cause and effect relationship between the various factors and components in any subject, a report is just a factual and direct presentation of facts and developments related to a particular topic. Due to the diverse complications of report writing, university students often resort to report writing help from professional academic services providers. A report is a specific, purpose-built and direct form of writing which simply presents a demonstration of the facts as per the timeline of events.

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