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How to Write Dissertation? Introduction, Abstract, and Conclusion
December 07, 2023
Author : Jess Healy

Are you confused about how to write dissertation to rank in the top position? If yes! Stick to the end.

While you may be experienced in reworking and writing a dissertation, your dissertation needs careful and useful planning, extensive research and time management to succeed in your high distinction grades.

Your dissertation is a primary part of your higher degree course and a testament to your writing skills and ability to conduct in-depth research, write a clear argument and analyse data. However, dissertations can be frustrating and difficult, but they are also rewarding experiences. Therefore, it allows you to explore a topic in-depth and significantly contribute to your field of study.

Moreover, acting on feedback and using your supervision time to your knowledge of your subject is essential to achieving your academic goals. Whether you are writing an undergraduate, PhD dissertation or Master’s, these significant guidelines will help you to figure out how to write an introduction for a dissertation. Therefore, not only this, this write-up will also provide you with all the necessary guidelines till the conclusion of your dissertation.

Guidelines to Writing Dissertation Top 3 Sections with Accurate Information

Writing an informative introduction, conclusion, and abstract are crucial components of your dissertation. Each section serves a specific purpose in presenting and summarising your research. Here are some guidelines for writing these parts effectively.

1. Dissertation Introduction

Start with a Hook

Start with an interesting hook, such as an engaging quote, a surprising fact, or a thought-inciting question. Therefore, the goal is to grasp the reader's attention and make them curious about your research from the outset.

Provide Background Information

Offer background information on your research area to provide effective dissertation help. However, briefly summarise your field's current state of knowledge, indicating key theories, studies, or debates relevant to your research.

State the Problem or Research Question

Clearly articulate the problem or question you are addressing. Furthermore, define the scope of your research and explain why it is worth investigating. Hence, it helps set the stage for the significance of your study.

Justify the Research

Explain the importance of your research. Likewise, discuss gaps or limitations in existing literature that your study aims to address. Moreover, while writing a dissertation, demonstrate your research's relevance and potential impact in advancing the field.

Outline the Objectives or Hypotheses

Clearly state the objectives of your study or the hypotheses you are testing. Furthermore, it provides a roadmap for readers, helping them understand the specific goals of your research.

Briefly Describe the Research Design and Methodology

Provide a concise overview of your research design and methodology. However, mention the type of study (e.g., qualitative, quantitative), data collection methods, and any specific procedures relevant to your research.

Highlight the Significance of the Study

Emphasise why your research matters when it comes to making the dissertation writing process easier. Therefore, discuss potential contributions to academic knowledge, practical applications, or policy implications. Also, clearly articulates the "so what" of your study.

Outline the Structure of the Dissertation

Briefly outline the main chapters and their content. Thus, it helps orient readers to the organisation of your dissertation. Also, it prepares them for what to expect in the subsequent sections.

2. Dissertation Abstract

Include Key Information

Summarise the critical elements of your dissertation, including the research question, methodology, key findings, and conclusions. Likewise, provide a snapshot of your entire study.

Be Concise

Keep your abstract concise. Aiming to convey the main points without unnecessary details will lead to impressive dissertation help. However, most abstracts are limited to a certain word count, typically around 150-300 words.

Use Clear Language

Write in clear and straightforward language. Hence, avoid jargon or complex terminology that might hinder understanding. Additionally, ensure that someone outside your field can grasp the essence of your research.

Highlight Results and Conclusions

Emphasise the main results and conclusions of your study. Moreover, clearly state what you discovered and the implications of your findings. It is a condensed version of your key contributions.

3. Dissertation Conclusion

Summarise Key Findings

One of the easy ways to write dissertation is to provide a concise summary of your main findings. Furthermore, remind the reader of the key points you addressed in your research and how they contribute to answering the research question.

Reflect on the Research Question

Reflect on how your findings directly address the initial research question or problem you posed in the introduction. Likewise, discuss whether your research supports or challenges existing theories.

Discuss Implications

Explore the broader implications of your research. How do your findings contribute to the field? What practical applications or real-world impact might they have? Thus, it is an opportunity to showcase the significance of your work.

Limitations and Future Research

Acknowledge any limitations in your study that make your dissertation writing process easier. Therefore, it could include methodological constraints, sample size issues, or other factors that may have affected your results. Additionally, suggest avenues for future research to build upon or address these limitations.

Reiterate Significance

Reiterate why your research is significant. Moreover, remind the reader of the broader context and your study's contributions to the field. Also, it helps leave a lasting impression and emphasises the importance of your work.

End on a Strong Note

Conclude your dissertation with a strong and memorable statement. However, this could be a call to action, a thought-stimulating query, or a final reflection on the broader implications of your research. Furthermore, it leaves the reader with closure and a lasting impression.

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