An Impressive Management Report Making Process

Management Report Making Process
March 22, 2018
Author : Ian

How to Craft an Impressive Management Project Report?

Management report is a scholarly document that is prepared by every final year student and the university mandates report writing to ensure competitive skills in the students. The way these research reports are written should be organized, formatted, referenced and structured is properly mentioned under the guidelines of the respective universities. This guide however offers you the advice on how to prepare or approach to dissertation writing and how to craft a readable, interesting, and persuasive report. The guide aims to explain the below mentioned sections: 1. Writing dissertation proposal or project proposal:

  • A framework for writing the project proposal.

2.   Preparation for Writing the Main Report

  • Understanding what goes in the main body of the report – and whyMANAGEMENT REPORT



Writing a management research proposal must mention the topic that refers to the relevant topics emerging in the field of management. It should relate to the present scenario and should be able to add value to society. Before beginning with the writing task, you need to pick a project topic that is feasible, which means ‘do-able’ in the short time that you have.

Now, what is ‘feasible’?

Many student project proposals are initially over-ambitious. They are often very wide-ranging in their focus and could present significant problems for students in collecting primary data. Your project can be counted as the best one if:

  1. The topic is pragmatic and is of particular interest to you.
  2. You can easily collect information – the information is readily available, or you can collect and analyse it easily, and within a short time period
  3. The aim of the project is focused on a particular aspect of a chosen topicMANAGEMENT REPORT Writing Help

You must be able to complete the project given the time and resources that are available this may mean that:

  1. Primary research will be difficult unless you have very good access to the people you want to obtain information from and you are sure that they will provide the information that you will need within the time.
  2. In most cases, secondary research (desk research) will be the best option, using data already available and easily accessible.



The main body of your report will be sub-divided into sections. Each will have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion that leads the reader easily on to the next. The sections you might typically find in a project or dissertation report are, as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Literature Review
  4. Methodology
  5. Results
  6. Discussions
  7. Conclusions

RESEARCH QUESTIONS:   Since, your study is a small-scale research project, so you should aim to generate a manageable number of research questions. If you have more than three questions in mind, discuss these with your supervisor first. BACKGROUND: What is the background to your interest in this topic area and in pursuing this research area? Summarize briefly the reasons why this topic is likely to be of interest to the business community and to you as well. LITERATURE VIEW: In the literature review section of the proposal you outline what previous research has been done on the topic and how it has guided or informed your own research. You can engage with some or all of the following questions:

  1. What previous research has been done on the same topic?
  2. Who conducted them, when, and perhaps why?
  3. What were the results/conclusions of this researches?
  4. How relevant are these conclusion in today’s date and for your research?
  5. How will your research build on the previous research?
  6. What are the differences between your research and the previously conducted research?
  7. What research practices, theories, or methods were used in the previous research that are relevant today?
  8. How has previous researches influenced your used methodologies?

METHODOLOGIES: What methods do you intend to adopt to gather information in pursuit of answers to your research questions? Note down brief answers to the following questions: RESEARCH APPROACHES: This section focuses on how management research can be approached: in what all way and what does your research follows from;

  1. Quantitative/Qualitative
  2. Applied/Basic
  3. Deductive/Inductive

RESULT: The results section presents a summary of the data or other information you gathered. This section presents the data information without discussion of the implications of your findings - this goes into the next ‘Discussion’ section. DISCUSSION: This section presents the analysis and discussions of the result, including implications, consequences, and issues raised. It will also compare and contrast results with previous research findings, identified and discussed earlier in the Literature Review. If it is a project, it may also include recommendations, although these could go into a separate ‘Recommendations’ section if there is a significant number to be made. CONCLUSION: The conclusion to the report reminds the reader of the main aim of your research, your methodology, the findings and what this means for the business community or organisation studied.


If you are concerned about your spelling and grammar, have your sections proof read before you hand them to your supervisor. A good proofreader will point out any spelling or grammatical errors - but leave you to decide whether to make the corrections or not; the control, therefore, still rests with you.

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