Top Five Marketing Dissertation Topics and Examples to Choose From

Marketing Dissertation Topics
December 26, 2018
Author : Jeffery

Marketing students looking for online marketing dissertation topics should remember that their research must be clear and concise and it would be much better to choose a narrow topic over a broader one. The dissertations may house established marketing theories and areas of study. So, here are five great marketing dissertation examples that you can choose from:

Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

These two multi-dimensional phenomena are considered to be one of the major marketing goals for almost every company in the world for a long time. Moreover, it is a great marketing dissertation topic where you can research and discuss about how significant brand loyalty is when it comes to consumer satisfaction. This was also a recently written dissertation by our marketing dissertation help experts. Your study may include the following objectives:

  1. Examining the various factors that influence brand loyalty
  2. Investigating the role of performance of a brand that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty
  3. Investigating whether customer satisfaction enhances brand loyalty
  4. Studying the impact of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction for durable/non-durable goods

Impact of Social Media on Consumer Purchasing decisions

Social media has created an entirely new landscape ever since most companies around the world streamlined their online marketing promotions on the internet. This marketing dissertation example can be chosen if you wish to research how and why social media creates an impact on consumer purchasing decisions. Since social media is extremely vast, this study will be a great way to analyse and extract the information you would need. You can explain how the individuals are seeing, processing, and then choosing the right information before actually making a purchase.

Influence of advertising on Consumer Behaviour

One highly effective method of influencing the consumers is by showing them advertisements of the products/service. Such advertisements should focus more on offering various benefits to them. While the basic objective for this marketing dissertation topic is assessing the influence of advertising on consumer buying decisions, your study can investigate a relationship between the emotional response of the consumers and advertisements. This marketing dissertation example can be a great way to show that a consumer is completely unaware of a particular product and how he gets influenced through various forms of advertisements.

Assessing the impact of integrated marketing communications on consumer impulsive buying behavior

IMC or Integrated marketing communications has become one of the major ways that a company can achieve its marketing objectives more efficiently. Since Integrated marketing communications is a vast area, the marketing dissertation topic “Assessing the impact of integrated marketing communications on consumer impulsive buying behavior” can offer your readers to have sufficient insight in IMC itself. Your study can include the marketing mix elements such as product, price, promotions, and place to give a clearer perspective of this topic. Thus, the ultimate objective of the dissertation must be IMC, materialised in consumer-decision making, affecting the consumer behavior.

Evaluating the Digital Customer Journey of Consumers their Use of Digital Touch-points and Purchase Behaviour at Each Stage for customers of Beats by Dre: From Prospects to Loyal Customers

This study can talk about the developments and achievements in technologies that have impacted how customers are managed and targeted by the companies today. You can explore and discuss the various interactions that take place between the customers and businesses today. This marketing dissertation topic was chosen by our marketing dissertation help expert and comprised of the following essential elements:

  1. A clear and accurate introduction
  2. Justified rationale
  3. SMART objectives
  4. Critical literature background with a conceptual model
  5. Appropriate research methodology and justification
  6. Ethical consideration
  7. GANT chart of schedule
  8. List of references

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Marketing dissertation example

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