Useful Hints For Surviving Dissertation Writing Process

Useful Hints For Surviving Dissertation Writing Process
June 17, 2020
Author : Jeffery

What do you think? Are you tired of receiving feedback which is extracting all the hope from you? You are in the middle of so much stuff, you find yourself perplexed, and other business may be diverting you. Well, hold on for a few minutes. Here are some tips for you presented by our experts who have been providing dissertation writing services for the last 10 years.

  • Stop allowing pessimism, allow constructive criticism and stay positive: there are numerous people who would likely try giving you suggestions about life, career and so many things, which they may not be expert at, but still, they won't stop delivering their advice with a negative overtone! Now it's your task to ask yourself a few questions. Whose project is this? Who should be doing at its best? Who can provide me with real help? The first answer is "YOU", the second would be "I", and the third would be the guide of "mine".


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Every time, the finger points at you. It's your job then to secure your optimism from the impalpable pessimism of others. On the other hand, how good or bad you have been through your previous academic period, you need to realize one thing, the subject area chosen by you, has always been your decision, and you could strike through with your intriguing capability. So you should use all the knowledge, lessons and experience you have attained so far. All though had there been no constructive criticism then you could hardly grasp the precious stone! The most precious treasure you have, you need to recognize and resurface that.

  • Try to figure out the deadline as early as possible: you may have a deadline after a year or so, and you feel like chilling out, as it is not close yet to knock you out! Well, the first thing you need to do is to mark your deadline and divide the time into quintessential segments. Yes! The finer the strategy is, the more a chance to make your job perfect.


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So it's your responsibility to make your goal and deadline flexible. It's a definite choice, how you are going to manage the duration, but there must be a chance to compensate while required. So you will be able to shuffle things without wiping off the deadline.

  • Start choosing the literature and collecting data required for your dissertation: While you think you have enough time to set sail, it's going to be devastating for you. Data collection is a rigorous process. The amount of time required to assemble various sources may take a long duration. The process of data evaluation as per the type of your research methodology may take another toll of yours. So, it's pretty much necessary to start preparing your psyche to do this rigorous job. The assistance of your guide or the professional help from any academic expert may mitigate this burden.
  • Collecting feedback as early as possible: After writing a rough sketch or even the overview of your chapters, you are advised to sit with your guide or any academic expert to receive some helpful hints for surviving your dissertation. This is such a crucial phase of your dissertation writing process, as you may feel disturbed after receiving any such criticism. But tolerance for any constructive criticism from the academic expert is the key to your academic success. It's not advisable, in a complete phase of research, to isolate yourself. This may cause some detrimental mishaps like an incongruous preconceived notion about your work, mental imbalance, and the reflection of all these can be seen on your paper as several mistakes and inconsistent writing.
  • Be familiar with the guidelines of your department and expectations from your dissertation: we can never avoid one certain fact that a dissertation should be creative, imaginative, and individualistic at a certain extent. The guidelines provided by your department and the expectations of your guide should be reflected in your dissertation, otherwise, there would never be any clear demarcation between a dissertation and an article or book.

Advice from your guide in terms of the research expectation needs to be duly followed, whereas you need to grapple with an unavoidable awareness about the research guidelines. It is a great practice to incorporate those technical formulas from the very beginning, otherwise, this may create an obnoxious fuss for you later.

  • "No" means no: not always, but sometimes you need to learn to speak "no" to a few things, be it membership in a committee, or a web series. Sometimes, sacrifices are to be made with a welcoming smile as it can bring ecstasy for the future. They are not as detrimental as an underworld activity, but they may astray you from your focus. You will surely get time to fulfil all the wishes you have, now the main focus should not be shifted.
  • Learn to make a balanced walk for a marathon instead of a deadly sprint: It's very necessary to evaluate the spirit of your profession- the "scholar-hood". It's the ideal time for you to cherish the symphony of knowledge. Thus, it is advisable to learn how to walk a marathon in the whole dissertation process. Steady and consistent race can help you win. You need not be engrossed all day into your dissertations, rather you need to prepare a routine, whereas your other activities may directly or indirectly contribute to your dissertation writing process.
  • Prepare to face rejection: many a times, it has been witnessed that a scholar may not be prepared to face rejection while publishing the dissertation. There may be many possible instances leading to the cancellation of your paper. But you have to be well-prepared to accept that because you know if you can get proper feedback and expert advice, you can start working on your flaws immediately. This is the only way to face rejection and get back to normalcy and finally republish the paper again.

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  • Make conferences a part and parcel of your life: Conference is a space where you can come across researchers and excellent academicians who may influence you for furnishing your work towards the goal of the dissertation submission. A conference is also required for a scholar to cast out the boredom and mental regression during a rigorous process of dissertation writing.
  • Finding an expert adviser and mentor: It is always advisable to a scholar or a student to find an academic expert who can help you structure your way both academically and as a guide too. It's always important to have such companions in the life of a researcher who can be true motivations to dispel all the hindrance in life. You may avail dissertation writing services at My Assignment Services whenever you don’t feel comfortable writing the dissertation by yourself.

Keep your time for copyediting: the culmination of a dissertation, which many students don't pay heed to that much, but it's an absolute duty of a researcher to keep as much time as possible for this job. Patience and skills are two important exponents for the process- revision. You can seek expert help for this process. There are many experienced and skilled proofreaders and editors at My Assignment Services who work along with the teams providing dissertation writing services to students.


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