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Law Assignment
June 13, 2021
Author : Jessy

Getting past law school is no easy feat. Law students have to submit assignments from time to time to achieve a minimum qualifying grade. The diverse range of subjects that they are required to study along with the apprenticeship requirements of law school can altogether be quite overwhelming for the students. In this article, we shall take a look at what assignments you do in law school? Law is a combination of different statutes and subjects. The study of law does not only include studying the various provisions in different statutes, but it it is also concerned with studying the various precedents and customary practices.

essentials of legal writing

One of the most essential parts of writing any research paper or case study in law is to understand the customary practices associated with the formulation of any law. Law students are expected to develop a cavernous understanding of the reason or reasons behind any legal decision.

They must learn to understand and appreciate the rationale behind a judgement. Regardless of the kind of legal assignment that the student is putting together, discussing the ratio decidendi is an essential part of the assignment. Ratio decidendi translates into “reason for the decision”. It is important to understand that a legal decision must be founded on practical and pragmatic reasons, strong arguments and pre-defined norms or widely accepted customs. The ratio decidendi forms the most essential element of any form of legal writing.

So, what assignments do you do in law school? If you are wondering what kind of assignments you will be asked to submit in law school, it is pertinent to mention that you will be required to write everything from case briefs and case assessments to mock court assessments. To understand what each kind of assignment entails, we must understand what each kind of assignment constitutes.

types of legal assignments

Case assessment

A case assessment is one of the most common types of assignments given to law school students. A case assessment requires the students to study a case in depth. They are required to carry out a cavernous study of every exhibit and annexure to prepare a summary of the case. Writing a case assessment can familiarize the students with the intricacies of legal writing. It helps them delve into the case laws and the statutory provisions that the case will be founded on.

Case briefing

A case briefing is a lot like a case summary. The only difference is that a case briefing is specifically written to explain the time-wise developments in a case with the specific purpose of understanding the cause of action. Therefore, in a case briefing, the most vital element is to provide an explanatory and elucidate account of the cause of action. The cause of action is the particular incident that the rest of the narrative is based on.

Usually, a case of action constitutes a “wrong”, “an act” or “an omission” of a civil or criminal nature. Thus, the case briefing is written to provide an attorney, legal representative or a preparer with the basic narrative of the case. The case briefing helps the preparer in preparing the case. Whereas it is not essential to include the relevant legal sections and provisions in a case briefing, a case can be supplemented with the help of affidavits, annexures and exhibits. These exhibits may include snippets from the bare acts or judge-made laws.

Timeline review

A timeline review is perhaps one of the simplest forms of legal assignments. A timeline review is nothing but a listed account of the happenings and developments that are incidental to a case. The timeline review must include all the incidents in a date-wise order. A timeline review simply describes all the developments in a case along with the dates. A timeline review is extremely important because para-legal associates and apprentices are often asked to prepare timeline reviews for cases. It is based on a detailed timeline review that the attorney can go about preparing a robust legal case.

Psychological evaluation

A psychological evaluation report is one of the most important aspects of drafting certain cases related to family law. For drafting rejoinders in appeals of family law such as marriage, divorce or adoption, psychological evaluation plays an important role. Even in cases related to immigration, the psychological evaluation acquires great importance. The psychological evaluation helps the judge or the decision-maker in understanding the possible hardship that a person has suffered due to an act or omission.


The students are often also required to write detailed dissertation papers on several diverse topics. A dissertation consists of an informative and elucidate explanation of the law itself along with its related case laws and applications. A dissertation discusses in detail the intricate folds of a legal provision. Since a dissertation is a detailed critique on any subject, the students are also expected to delve into the reasons behind the formulation of law. A dissertation requires an accurate account of the provision and its application in the common law.


A lot like a dissertation, A thesis is also a detailed critique on a subject. However, the most rudimentary difference between a thesis and a dissertation is that a thesis concentrates on the historical developments that have led up to the formulation of law. A thesis discusses not a lone case law as such. It takes into account the entire doctrine on a subject.

Research paper

A research paper is written to carry out detailed research on a subject. The research paper is written to explore all the elements in a particular law. The research paper provides a detailed explanation of the various aspects of the law. The research paper intends to discuss in detail the various aspects of law as well as all the limitations of the legal provisions. The research paper also talks about the legal theories and postulates.

Essay to discuss the pros and cons of law: An essay is written to talk about the pros and cons of a legal subject by throwing light on the legal outcomes of the different cases with a common cause of action. For those confused about what assignments you do in law school? It is important to understand that a research paper is among the most common forms of assignments that the students are required to submit in the course of their law school studies.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the type of legal assignments you have been given, you must understand that writing a legal critique is certainly easier said than done. A legal assignment must be founded on cavernous research, in-depth evaluation of related case laws as well as a study of the judge-made laws and precedents related to a particular case. Legal assignments must also discuss the ratio decidendi as explained above while providing several case studies to supplement the legal report.

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