What is the Importance of Referencing in Academic Writing
November 26, 2021
Author : Ian

Several students find this to be the most difficult and frustrating part when it pertains to academic writing citations. There are many different types of referencing styles. Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, MLA, APA, and American Psychological Association styles are among them, and each has its own quirks.

Any type of academic work entails the need for referencing or citations. It examines your work, evaluates the breadth and depth of your research, and acknowledges the work of others. When you use someone else's concept, make sure you are giving them the credit.

how do i make a reference list

The prerequisites may vary depending on the institution, professor, or subject, and it is preferable to know all the ins and outs from the start than to enjoy the wasted fruits afterward. Violations of referring principles frequently result in students receiving significantly lower grades for even strong papers. Thus it's crucial to spend some time learning the reference science.

Will Referencing My Assignment Help Me?

In numerous ways, students, as well as their readers, can benefit from effective references. Professors want students to perform thorough studies on the issue, evaluate previous papers in the field, and describe their personal take on the subject based on the facts obtained while providing academic tasks.

A well-organized and well-written list of references demonstrates a student's dedication and diligence. In most cases, students are required to list all of the sources from which they obtained information and the names of the writers. Consequently, your professor can quickly comprehend the amount of work completed as well as evaluate the accuracy of content a student relies on.

Moreover, you can also provide the readers with an understanding of how current the work is by referring to the sources they utilise and the chance to return to it later for their own research or personal interest if the need arises.

Ultimately, your personal judgment, however immature, is insufficient unless it is backed up by strong facts and arguments presented by reputable academics and scientists in the field. Students give their own academic work greater legitimacy and value by quoting opinion leaders, and they invest in better marks as a result.

Why Do You Need Referencing?

  • To tell the difference between your own thoughts and those of others.
  • To present a variety of viewpoints.
  • By referring to verifiable evidence, you can back up what you're writing. For example, published work can be leveraged to bolster your point and lend credibility to your writing.
  • To show readers the breadth and depth of your research.
  • To demonstrate understanding by examining, comparing, contrasting, or evaluating material.
  • To emphasise whether you agree or disagree with a viewpoint.
  • To make a reference to previous research that led up to your work.
  • By quoting the source, you can emphasise a key point.
  • To allow readers to freely consult the original source. For example, the interpretation you provide might not be the one intended.
  • To avoid plagiarism, you must credit the source of any information you use.

Referencing vs Plagiarism

Before jumping to the process, you must know what plagiarism is! It is the act of taking another person's ideas, writings, or inventions and passing them off as your own; it's known as 'academic theft.' This is a major violation that should not be overlooked. You will be penalized, and your university will take disciplinary action. Plagiarism also includes rephrasing or paraphrasing someone else's work without citing the source.

Here’s how you can do referencing against plagiarism:

Referencing is also a good strategy to avoid committing a major academic crime like plagiarism. Students risk being accused of plagiarism, receiving zero marks for their paper, or even being expelled if they exploit the thoughts, ideas, or resources generated by someone else's brain work without identifying their names.

When it concerns plagiarism prevention in universities and colleges, the authenticity of students' work is taken very seriously. Plagiarism checkers used by college teachers are supported with a large database that contains thousands of books, academic papers, articles, and research papers written by past students, among other things. So, if plagiarism occurs, it's only a matter of time before a student is caught.

how do you cite

Secret Behind Mastering Referencing

The job becomes less perplexing once you comprehend the religious meaning and the standards of referencing. However, some students choose the easy way out and delegate their research to a low-cost paper writing service, which is always a sham. While some competent paper writers are on the internet, just one out of every ten can be regarded as a trustworthy service. As a result, knowing the referencing algorithms is always a good idea — at the very least, to ensure that the task was done correctly.

When it comes to citations, accuracy is crucial. Make detailed notes of the resources you utilise as soon as you begin researching the materials for your paper, such as the authors' names, the titles of their papers or books, the number of pages, and other pertinent information to remember while finishing the reference list.

A bibliography follows a specific format. Authors' last names are frequently mentioned before their initials, for example. If there are four or more authors, the pattern will be as follows: J.D. Smith et al. This is a contraction of the Latin word "et al. is," which literally means "and others."

When the author's identity is unknown or using an article from a website where the author's name isn't mentioned, you should provide the organization's name, the web page, or the article instead.

The date of publication is also crucial. It tells readers how important the material is in the context of the study. When it comes to the date, be as specific as possible. Make sure to mention the exact date if you know it. Put the word "no date" in the brackets if there isn't any such information.

How to do Good Formatting?

The Title of the Source –whether it's a book you're quoting, a journal where you found an article, or a website where you did your research - should be italicised. There is also a need for books to include their edition. Because information may be updated or reordered between editions, giving its number will make searching and referencing easier.

Students are also obliged to mention the page numbers from where they obtained material for this reason. Put "p. 120" on one page or "pp. 120-145" on multiple pages.

For websites, you must include the full URL as well as the date on which you last accessed it. Because the internet is so dynamic, and content can be added, updated, or deleted at any time, it's important to note the date you discovered the information you're talking about.

Concluding Lines

Because it necessitates adhering to rigorous regulations and following certain reference style patterns, the referring work may not be the most engaging or enjoyable aspect of writing a paper. On the other hand, a decent citation section is what gives a student's academic research weight and credibility and protects him from plagiarism charges.

In contrast to widespread student opinion, completing the referencing component is rather easy when you know a few simple principles. However, as requirements may differ in distinct circumstances, make it a practice to clear out all the concerns you may well have before coming down to the task.

Lastly, if you do not want your reference list to work against you, only include the resources that you know are reliable in your paper and leave the rest out.

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