What is Total Product Concept?

total product concept
January 15, 2021
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There’s a friendship that has changed the way marketing was perceived years ago. The fifty-nine-year friendship between Kotler and Levy is responsible for making marketing larger than life in the present times. Both of these people have had a great influence on marketing and were the ones who brought the ‘total product concept’ into the picture. If you’re a marketing student, then probably you are kind-off aware of this vital concept of marketing, aren’t you?

If not, then you don’t need to worry as our product design assignment help experts are all at your services to aid you with this concept. This is the basic foundation of marketing that is required for writing flawless assignments. Thus, you need to garner enough information before you re ready to approach a marketing assignment that covers various aspects of this crucial concept.

Kotler and Levy have influenced the various facets of marketing. While Levy was more into branding culture and the symbols associated with it, Kotler was the one who is responsible for making the subject of marketing as an MBA. For this reason, Kotler is often referred to as the best marketeer of marketing.

Owing to the importance of the total product concept, it becomes imperative for students to be thorough with it so that they don’t come up with issues in the end while writing their assignments. Over a decade now, we have not let any of the queries of students go unanswered from our end. So, let us dive deeper into the concept and understand the approach to these assignments.

levels of total product concept


A Broader Look Into The Total Product Concept

Before we talk about the questions that are given to students on this topic, it is important to be thorough with the concept. This is the reason our product development assignment help writers begin from scratch and guide students on every basic concept to help them write flawless marketing assignments.

Over the years, we have worked upon a variety of samples that have made it easier for students to understand the concepts better. So, without further ado, let us proceed with the understanding of the total product concept.

For every marketing assignment, the best satisfying products play a crucial role. This revolves around several concepts of marketing upon which the success of a marketing or business organisation depends upon. Among the 3-mega marketing concepts, the concept of the total product is the second component of marketing. The remaining ones include the process of buyer decision-making and the satisfaction circle. All of these concepts come together to form the giga-concept, which is also known as the marketing concept. This paves the need to gain a comprehensive understanding of all these concepts to write error-less assignments.

There are three parts of the total product concept as per our product design assignment help experts, which are as follows:

  1. Product considerations

The first part encompasses product nature. It covers all those factors that are considered by both the consumers and the marketing professional before buying the product or before thinking bout the design of the product.

  1. Product layers

All the procedures that are involved in designing, developing and delivering it to the consumer. The product layer involves pondering over all the expectations that consumer has from the product and the core parts. Additionally, it also takes into account all the distinguishing features of the products that make it stand apart in the market.

  1. Product components

All the elements that are incorporated into the making of the product. As per our product development assignment help writers, there are six components of the product that are considered for developing it.

So, these are the three components that combine to form the total product concept. Now, it will be much easier for you to work upon the assignments that have been assigned to you covering this topic. In these years, our marketing assignment help experts have done every bit from their end to furnish students with instant samples for their reference to make it more clear. So, you can reach us with any of your questions and we will get back to you with the answers at the earliest. For now, let us discuss one of our previously-written samples with you so that you can begin your work.

How To Approach A Marketing Assignment On The Total Product Concept Like A Pro?

In these years, there has not been a single student who was dissatisfied with the work that our product design assignment help experts provided them with. This clearly indicates the diverse knowledge that we possess on this topic. Now, we will share a brief overview of how we do these assessments for the reference purpose of students.

Being a marketing student, you would obviously need to have a strong command over the four levels of the total product concept that we discussed above. After that, you can proceed with the assignment.

The assignment that we receive from students covers various types of assignments like a marketing essay, research report, dissertation etc. However, the most common assignment that we have got from students on this topic is an academic essay to write. So, let us discuss one of those essays here.

total product concept assignment sample


As you can see in the image above, the main objective of this essay is to explain the product layers. In the essay, students are also required to give a brief summary of the components of the products. Among them, then they need to select any three components and elaborate upon them using appropriate examples.

For this essay assignment, our product design assignment help writers first carry out these 5 steps and then begin writing the essay.

  1. Consider the main statement of the essay that is given in the question and then carry out extensive research on it.
  2. Check for some credible facts and figures to support the argument.
  3. Hover over the graphs that can give a clear picture of the sales of the product
  4. Determine the relevant marketing strategies that have helped in enhancing the sale of the products.
  5. Garner some authentic response from the consumers who have used the product/service.

After carrying out these steps, it was easy for them to equip students with a reference essay solution instantly. Let us give you a brief idea of how to write these assignments.

How Our Marketing Assignment Help Experts Write An Assessment On The Total Product Concept?

For the last ten years, our product design assignment help experts have always been on the forefront to guide students and help them walk through their queries. So, the essay that had to be written on this topic was divided into the following sections.

  1. Introduction

As you might already be aware that an essay is written in the five-paragraph essay format, so here, the first section is the introduction. This is where you need to draw the attention of the readers. Therefore, in this section, our marketing assignment experts talk about the main thesis statement and the objectives that need to be met in the essay.

  1. Analysis

In the second section of the essay, the task is to discuss the topics that are involved in the total product concept. This will enhance the quality of the decision making of the consumer as well as the marketeer. To provide the validation, our product design assignment help experts also make use of graphs, tables, charts, figures and diagrams in this part of the essay.

  1. Evaluation and suggestions

Depending on the analysis that is conducted in the previous section, the next step is to evaluate the existing scenario. In case there is a profit, then the organisation can proceed with the strategies. Else, there is a need to revisit and alter them as per the objectives of the organisations.

Also, our marketing assignment writers suggest viable solutions to the marketing problems that have been discussed in the essay. This forms the fourth section of the essay.

  1. Conclusions

The last and the final section of the essay is the conclusion where our prolific panel of excerpts re-iterate the main thesis statement. In this section, the main points of the essay are highlighted without bringing new ideas.

So, this brings us to the end of the assignment. However, there are several other aspects that need to be discussed for this question. If you want our product design assignment help experts to guide you with the help of a complete solution to this assignment, just let us know the requirements. Within a few moments, we will get back to you with a comprehensive solution right at your doorstep!

How Our Marketing Assignment Experts Help Students In Getting Top-notch Grades In These Assignments?

Having a large population of over 2,500 prolific experts in our team, aiming for excellence in the assignments is not something that is impossible for us. My Assignment Services is an abode for students who face issues in doing their assignments and submitting them within the deadlines, maintaining the quality as well.

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