Why Is Studying an MBA Important In This Decade
January 17, 2022
Author : Adam

The MBA Programme is the Masters in Business Administration degree. This program prepares students for careers in business by providing them with a solid foundation of essential business skills combined with specific knowledge in an area of specialisation. An MBA degree gives you a significant advantage over other candidates by making your resume stand out.

The value of MBAs is undergoing increasing scrutiny, as top graduates find it difficult to land jobs at their expected starting salaries during this recession. That said, employers are looking for well-rounded individuals who have taken different ways to expand their horizons and skillset, from competitive rankings that help narrow down potential MBA colleges to salary expectations and job placement rates. The MBA degree has moved on from being a means to an end as it is increasingly becoming the end. Let’s see why studying MBA in this new decade is a good idea.

Is Studying an MBA Important In This Decade

Points to be Considered When Selecting the Right MBA College

There are a number of points that should be considered while selecting an MBA college for studying MBA uses. The following steps will lead a student to choose the right MBA program for him/her:

Choose an area of specialisation Choose an accredited institute Research & shortlist potential colleges Internship opportunities Job placement rates Salary expectations Duration and costs of program Your aptitude towards various subjects Personal goals and aspirations How much time can you devote daily? Consider all the above-mentioned factors in light of your personal academic, professional and personal goals to identify the best MBA college for you. There is no one standard path toward choosing where to apply (and enrol) for an MBA degree; It's up to us if we want it or not.

But Should You Pursue this Degree Study in this Decade?

With technological advancements, there is a change in the educational system. Today's world is undergoing unprecedented changes, which require a flexible learning approach and greater accessibility to education that would not be possible without technology. Technology has evolved from being merely a tool for teachers to using it as an integral part of the teaching-learning process.

Technology has become the backbone of one's career; hence, students are advised to exploit all technologies available at their disposal to learn faster and effectively. A new mantra in business schools (MBA colleges) around the globe is "Learn or perish". MBA Colleges are increasingly getting inclined towards adopting the latest technologies like live-streaming of lectures over the internet, social networking, etc. To provide the students with better opportunities to study MBA uses. This trend correlates with the growing competition among various MBA colleges, which is forcing them to adopt innovative methods to attract potential students. Some of the most popular areas where technology has made a presence are e-commerce, e-content, learning management systems (LMS), mobile learning etc.

Technology Enabled Learning Management Systems (TELMS)

One of the major reasons for the change in today's education system is that it is not interactive enough. It seems as if all of us are sitting together at one place, but actually, we are thousands of miles apart. Partially this may be true because of our lack of attention span or maybe because of the language barrier or some other factor. So how can technology solve this problem? The answer lies with TELMS, i.e., technology-enabled learningmanagementsystems that add an extra dimension to the conventional teaching-learning process.

which field is best in MBA for the decade

These new-age learning management systems (LMS) provide real-time interaction and help in managing projects, assignments, and other deliverables of the students on the cloud. This online ability provides a universal platform for students and teachers to interact and learn from each other irrespective of their geographical location.

Courses Offered By Various MBA Colleges

The biggest advantage of TELMS is that it is flexible enough to be used in all types of courses like consulting, finance, risk management etc., while some of them are:

  1. Consulting:In this course, one has to spend most of his/her time with clients, which makes him more adaptive to the environment. Therefore, this course is best suited for students who are willing to apply what they have learned in their practical life rather than confining it to the four walls of the classroom.
  2. Risk Management:This MBA program offers a proper blend of technical and non-technical subjects, making it important for students with an analytical bent of mind. Though there are people who have excelled in risk management just by having good quantitative skills that always requires some amount of technical knowledge about assessing risks through financial modelling etc.,
  3. Finance:A sound understanding of finance is essential for every student regardless of his/her specialisation because finance courses form an integral part of almost all MBA programs. The demand for finance professionals has increased significantly in the last decade or so because of massive growth in the financial sector.
  4. Banking & Insurance:One cannot think of an MBA course without finance subjects, but the demand for banking professionals has also increased significantly due to the growing need for both private and public sector banks. Even the insurance industry's demand is at its peak since it deals with various types of risks like nature, infrastructure etc.,

Value Proposition to MBA Colleges

TELMS can help MBA colleges by giving them a cost-effective way to deliver lectures, provide study material (e-books) and communicate with their students through live chat sessions while helping students improve their learning capabilities through interactive sessions between teachers and students over the internet. These online features reduce the dependency on physical infrastructure and provide 24x7 access to information.

Teaching-Learning Process:TELMS was designed considering both the teaching and learning process of the students, which results in an enhanced experience for the students because they get ample opportunities to interact with peers, teachers and other professionals. The use of state-of-the-art technology reduces dependence on physical infrastructure while providing real-time interactions among different stakeholders, leading to better outcomes. However, there are certain challenges also mainly because it is new and therefore needs proper study about the acceptance level of this system by both MBA colleges and management schools. Also, due to changing nature, one has to be careful about how swiftly he/she switches over from old methods (like conventional classroom lectures). In all likelihood, we can say that TELMS has a bright future in higher education.

In a Nutshell

MBA can help you excel in your career and improve your lifestyle. In an era of globalisation, MBA is a new horizon that helps you discover yourself by helping you establish yourself as a professional. The knowledge acquired from this course can be helpful to manage both people and projects, so one has many chances to discover oneself by helping others. However, various factors come into play when choosing a college for pursuing an MBA degree, such as location, program structure or fees, among others; therefore, try to do proper research before finally making the decision. With TELMS, it is now simple to study MBA online and improve your skills.

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