Assignment Solution For SNPG925: Effective Leadership In Health

Effective Leadership In Health Assignment Solution
June 30, 2020
Author : Jeffery

The leadership program in the health industry is the mandatory thing to learn. This program can help nurses enhance the skills of nursing as well as they can muster in communicating, facilitating, and solving the problem quickly to make better care for the patients through their leadership quality. It's important to learn the importance of unity through diversity attain important training on leadership. So any leadership training can be participatory and interactive activity. In this program, multiple variants and learning modules are to be taught and designed to create a holistic learning framework. A good idea of social work/science is required to excel in this paper. Different theories and applications of them are to be kept into cognizance to develop an ingenious assignment addressing multiple tasks on effective leadership. You can hire our nursing assignment help expert to have a better learning outcome and to prepare the assignment with the least burden.

SNPG925 Effective Leadership in Health: Important Nursing Theories You Should Know

Let's have some quick overview of what the topic - Effective Leadership in Health is all about. Effective leadership is a knowledge and skill for the health workers to apply them in their sector to accelerate health care with quality work. They need to be informed and training a module worth of learning an insight about leadership quality.

  • Great man theory: this theory is believed to be an impactful theory to understand and evaluate the ideal personalities who have been leading people with some parallel qualities. These qualities have some common traits like the ideal approach, knowledge of high degree, good behaviour, genuine purpose, and open-mindedness. Although there requires the counter-argument in that case as many critical thinkers commented that these born leaders have nothing to do with any organization whereas the leadership quality brings great responsibility towards a section of people. So leadership quality and organizational behaviours are two things enmeshed with each other.

In any organization, there can never have only one messiah. So instead of the idea of the indispensability of the one-man army, there requires to develop a scientific model of participatory leadership that comes through collaboration, generosity, communication, and all the skills of a great man mentioned above. Another important criticism of the great man theory is the use of innovation and liability of risks. In a modern approach, a manager in an organization cannot be compared with the great leader as the manager needs to take a calculated risk and effective imagination, on the other hand, a great man may experiment with the innovation and the person needs not to think about the risk as the factors related to any organization are not there. Another important flaw about the great man theory comes into being from the standpoint of gender activism that is, " why great man, not a great woman or any other gender?" It is so significant in the field of the health sector. According to several surveys, equal participation can be seen from both the genders here. A dogma of power, and attributes to male-centric doctrines of personality and heroism have been associated with the concept of the great man theory whereas, in the modern module of the leadership development program, it is to be believed that equal opportunity should be given to every health worker irrespective of gender, colours, and race to grow a participatory structure of leadership with optimum collaboration.

  • Application of the leadership theory: there are many theories and discussions on them like the above one but the applications of them need to be delved into with high emphasis. The theories can practically be implied in many fields like Business, Management, Public Administration, Teaching, and Health Sector. Although in the Health sector, there is a certain extent of the dearth of the evaluation and the program management in leadership education. Although some ongoing impactful researches can be utilized to compensate for the lack. The most useful leadership model to apply for the best outcome in leadership training is the Duke Healthcare Leadership Model.
  • Duke Healthcare Leadership Model: this model is quite pedagogical, designed with a curricular perspective and solid research-based assessment. Two important aspects need to be addressed here. They are as follows.

Concept mapping: this aspect is used mixed-method research and analyses to prioritize, emanate, and construct healthcare leadership along with fundamental competencies. Structured conceptualization: this aspect is used to address complex health care issues with certain action plans of the framework, for analyzing the development program, measurements, and different other variables. A solid literature review that is comprehensive, concept mapping focus groups and hierarchical clustering needs to be taken into cognizance. There are thirty-three vital competency statements for the health care industry in this model. The educational of leadership development is intentional which is not implicit nor informal.

What are the assessment tasks to be addressed?

There are mainly three tasks in this assignment. They are as follows.

Task 1: In this task, you have to give accounts of two leadership practices and two leadership behaviors along with a smart aim.

Task 2: Task two focuses on your assessment of the organizational behaviors and the leadership qualities required to develop that in a precise.

Task3: This task aims at the personal application of self-leadership skills.

What are some important nuances I need to consider while structuring the SNPG925 Reflection assignment?

Here are a few hacks you need to keep in mind.

  • Literature should be chosen from contemporary and viable sources
  • The composition of your assignment should be concrete.
  • Analyses should be scientific
  • Infographics, formulas, and charts are required to be incorporated, but that too should follow the prescribed formats.
  • A good conclusion and proper referencing are a must.

SNPG925 Effective Leadership in Health Assignment Sample3 In the above task 2 of the assessment, organizational behavior needs to be understood with the culture and ambience of an organization, participation of the staff, and the manifestation of individual leadership qualities. There are three objectives you may address. They are as follows.

  1. Depiction of the impact of participative leadership on organizational culture.
  2. Depiction of the effect of directive leadership on organizational culture.
  3. Depiction of the additive or complementary impact of participatory and directive leadership on Organizational culture.

Leadership and organizational culture are required to be intertwined appropriately to bring changes and development to any organization. Organizational culture is shaped and reshaped with the shared knowledge and ambience; a product of the employees and employers. Thus it is necessary to develop communication and collaborative performances to enhance the growth of any organization. Various human resources policies can be instrumental in creating participatory leadership. Problem-solving attitude can be developed through internal integration, atmosphere, and target-oriented combination work. The process may have a complex outlook but it’s true it can be done with ease if you have patients and expertise. The best advice is to get an experienced expert in Healthcare studies on your board to prepare a high-quality assignment. Don't worry if you are confused about your next step towards completion of the SNPG925 assignment, you can contact My Assignment Services and schedule a live chat with our experts.

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