Factors that Affect Consumer Behaviour in the Modern 21st Century

Factors that Affect Consumer Behaviour in the Modern 21st Century
May 16, 2021
Author : Olivia Moore

It would not be an exaggeration to say that modern society is driven by digital marketing. For every marketer around the world, it thus becomes imperative to be thorough with the consumer behaviour trends revolving around their specific niche. However, tracking the behaviour of consumers is not an easy task. Students get perplexed with the techniques and methods to do this. This is where our marketing assignment help experts step into the scene and guide them through all their assignment-related problems.

Consumer behaviour is dynamic and keeps on changing, depending upon several factors. To understand the basic approach to writing marketing assignments on consumer behaviour, it becomes necessary to be thoroughly familiar with these factors. This will not only help you grasp the essence of these assessment tasks but also allow you to study consumer behaviour within any specific industry and based on it, devise out effective marketing strategies.

Don’t worry, we have hosted an experienced panel of consumer behaviour assignment writers in our team for over a decade now. Thus, you won’t need to solve any of your queries alone anymore. With the help of our high-quality reference assignment solutions, we have simplified the process of approaching these complex tasks for students. In this blog, we will direct our focus towards the factors that affect consumer behaviour. Read further to know more about this.

Factors that Affect Consumer Behaviour


The Trends Of Changing Consumer Behaviour In The World

A lot of students who have reached out to us have always been curious about how consumer behaviour is changing in the world. Well, this is quite a lengthy topic to cover, however, our marketing assignment experts have attempted to brief you on this topic here.

In the current modern scenario where the world is witnessing the impact of global lockdown conditions, consumers all over the world are responding differently to this crisis across the globe. Therefore, the impact of Covid-19 on consumer behaviour is one of the most recent and relevant factors to study the behaviour of consumers in the world today. People are shifting from offline to online shopping, which is why consumer behaviour trends are very much affected by digital marketing nowadays. To reach the target consumers, big and small marketers are strengthening their marketing channels. Naturally, much of the attention has shifted towards learning. Let us tell you how.

How Does Learning Influence Consumer Behaviour Today? This Is What Our Consumer Behaviour Assignment Experts Have To Say.

You might be intrigued to know that consumer behaviour is a learned behaviour to a large extent. This means that when there is an interaction between a person and the environment, it initiates a change of behaviour. Consumers purchase goods and services and based on the quality, price, etc. decide whether to buy it again in the future or not.

The organisations that spend extra attention towards giving proper information about their products and services are thus, always at a greater competitive advantage than others. As per our consumer behaviour assignment experts, the learning process constitutes of the following three steps, which are:

  • Exposure
  • Attention
  • Understanding

In case you are unfamiliar with these steps of the learning process, then you can always rely upon our marketing assignment help experts for guidance. For now, let us take the concept of branding forward and give you a brief of the connection between the behaviour of the consumers and the branding of the product.

How Branding Affects Consumer Behaviour?

Branding plays a huge role in helping the consumers decide whether to buy a product or service or not. There are several reasons customers rely upon the brand before deciding to purchase a product. Over the years, we have been conducting research on the ways how branding affects consumer behaviour.

Some of them are as follows:

  • It creates a design in the minds of the consumers: Isn’t it natural to want something that is appealing to the eyes? A marketer brands the objects so that it appeals to the consumers and they buy it
  • The brand becomes synonymous with the reputation of the company: This is one of those reasons why every marketer in the world goes through a variety of logos before choosing the one for them. They very well know that the logo has to be such that it is able to convey the values of the organisation easily to the consumers.
  • Validates self-esteem: A lot of times marketers lack confidence in their products and services, however, when they brand themselves in front of the customers they put forth the products and rejuvenate their lost self-esteem.
  • Creates belongingness: Way before content marketing had got its importance, there were hardly any companies that were known to “bond” with their customers. When customers get all the information about the products they want to purchase, it gives them a clear picture of the principles that the organisation upholds.

Now that the significance of branding has dawned upon us, can we stay oblivious to the role of digital marketing here? Obviously, not. Thus, our consumer behaviour assignment experts will now talk more about this topic to give you a better understanding of how consumer behaviour is influenced by digital marketing in the present world.

consumer behaviour assignment


How Consumer Behaviour Is Affected By Digital Marketing?

Don’t we all know why the internet is often regarded as the game-changer? In today’s techno-savvy world, everything around us is somewhere or the other connected with the various functionalities of the internet. In this highly competitive world, gone are the days when people used to spend a lot of money on pitching the product. Now that the internet has transcended all the limits, it has become way much easier to reach a specific target audience with ease. Naturally, consumer behaviour will also get directed by it, isn’t it?

Following are some of the ways how digital marketing influences consumer behaviour.

  1. Consumers have got more access to research and experiment
  2. Word of mouth has become a lot more accessible
  3. Customer engagement has got a boost
  4. The role of artificial intelligence has been introduced
  5. Personalised shopping experience
  6. The consumers are now more updated
  7. SEO has bridged the gap between marketers and consumers
  8. 24*7 accessibility
  9. Customer tolerance has decreased due to the availability of more options
  10. Digitization of everything

See how digital marketing impacts the buying decision of the consumer. For marketers, digital marketing is no less than a boon in today’s world. However, this does not mean that there is no impact of offline marketing on consumers. This is such a wide area that has not remained untouched in any way.

Are you aware of the roles that offline marketing plays in deciding the behaviour of the consumers? Hover over this list that has been curated by our marketing assignment help experts for your reference.

What Is The Role Of Offline Marketing On Consumer Behaviour?

Did you know as per the Internet World Stats, 78 percent of the total population in the U.S is one that is always active online and among them, 73 per cent are active on Facebook at least once a month. It is clear how approximately it would be difficult to reach nearly 70 million Americans through online marketing.

Isn’t it an exaggeration then to say that the entire world population has shifted to online marketing? What about those who haven’t? For those of the people who are still relying on the traditional or offline channels of marketing. Thus, marketers even pay much attention to strengthen their offline marketing channels including pamphlets, telemarketing ads, billboard ads etc to bring awareness about their products and services.

Not just this, consumers also get influenced by different offline techniques such as discount pricing, loyalty programs, and direct email marketing. All of these tactics are well thought with the help of offline marketing plans that are devised by different marketing organisations all over the world.

So, this is it. In this blog, our consumer behaviour assignment experts have tried to impart all the requisite information about the factors that influence consumer behaviour. In case you are still confused about any of these, you can always bring your doubts to our marketing assignment help experts, whenever you feel convenient.

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