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How Mixed Method Approach Is Helpful In Dissertation?
July 05, 2024
Author : Jess Healy

The primary and most essential step in dissertation writing is picking the appropriate research method. In this way, you can specify the research queries and the exact objectives of your research study. When you recognise this, the next step is to keep in mind which method is accurate for your dissertation research work. Furthermore, there are three vital methods for your dissertation research: qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approach. The most effective of all these is the mixed method approach. Through this method, you can use both kinds of data that are quantitative, and qualitative, in your dissertation research work.

However, this is one of the most prominent ways you can connect the quantitative and qualitative and impressively describe your point of view. A mixed method is most accurate for providing vital solutions or answers to complicated research questions. Hence, it can strengthen your writing and research study. Moving forward, after knowing the mixed method approach in research, what are you searching for? Well! This weblog will help you find the best ways to employ a mixed-method approach and shift the attention of your target audience, scholars, and teachers to your dissertation research.

What is a Mixed Method Approach?

Mixed methods research blends multiple components of qualitative research and quantitative research in order to answer your research question. Therefore, mixed methods research can help you gain a more comprehensive understanding and picture than a standalone qualitative or quantitative study, as it integrates the advantages of both approaches.

7 Imperative Ways to Employ Mixed Method Approach in Your Dissertation

Conducting a mix method approach is not easy when preparing an in-depth dissertation task. You need to broaden your research skills to collect qualitative and quantitative data sets. In a similar way, implementing the qualitative and quantitative data in your dissertation takes much more time than usual. Nevertheless, this approach will describe how you can easily employ a mixed-method approach in your dissertation writing.

1. Triangulation Design

It is one of the best ways to implement a mixed method approach in research of your dissertation, in this method, you require to gather complementary data by keeping in mind your dissertation research topic, triangulation design needs gathering or studying the qualitative data and quantitative data separately to comprehend the research question more precisely and effortlessly. A researcher uses multiple research techniques or methods to analyse or collect the most relevant data or information to improve the understanding of the dissertation research topic.

2. Exploratory Design for Research Phenomena

In exploratory design, you observe the outcome of the first data set (qualitative) to develop the result of the second (quantitative). It is suitable when a student wants to generalise the outcomes of different parts of the research question. Sometimes, the dissertation research question is not based on one type of research data. When such a situation occurs, you can use the exploratory design to conduct a mixed method approach. In like manner, it is known as exploratory as it explores the phenomena of the dissertation research work.

3. Embedded Quantitative And Qualitative Data

Embedded design is used in a mixed-method technique when one data set is supportive and plays a secondary key role in other data sets. This embedded design set is used when the single data is insufficient to deliver the desired answers or solutions to the research question. It would help if you emblem the quantitative and qualitative data types to deliver an effective solution or answer. In embedded design, you are required to do a broad study. On the contrary, this approach is mostly used when conducting correlational or experimental research.

4. Explanatory Design

You can also conduct a mixed method approach in research by explanatory. Therefore, it is two-way mixed method design in which the student first analyses or gathers the qualitative data and then the quantitative data. The student conducts surveys to collect the quantitative data and then describes why these outcomes occurred by concentrating on the qualitative study.

5. By Providing Participant’s Experiences

In this approach, you can also use a mixed method approach by describing the author's or participants' experiences in the dissertation research. Likewise, you can describe the point of view of the other participants using the mixed method approach. To put it differently, it is a great way to make sure that the individuals will naturally gather the information or data (qualitative and quantitative).

6. By Creating a Solid Foundation for the Conclusion

This is a particular way, you can conduct the mixed method when forming a solid foundation for the research question’s answer. In this way, you will discuss the conclusions you found from both qualitative and quantitative data types.

7. By Expanding The Results

Expanding is one of the best ways to design a mixed method in your dissertation research study. Additionally, it provides a positive impression of your work. In this particular way, you will describe your research results and the variables used. Expanding your research outcomes meant providing one or more outcomes or findings by using both quantitative and qualitative data methods. Another key point is that you can also show dissertation writers' findings or results depending on the other.

What are the Advantages of Using a Mixed Method Approach in Your Dissertation?

The mixed method approach has keen advantages to your dissertation research work. Let us discuss the imperative benefits of using mixed methods in detail.

  1. Gather or study both types of data for your dissertation research work.
  2. Provide an accurate sample size for qualitative research study and quantitative research study.
  3. Integrating both types of data, qualitative and quantitative, in your dissertation research work.
  4. It delivers a strong voice to describe your research thoughts.
  5. Understand the answer from a different point of view on a single research question.
  6. You can explain the experiences you faced during the dissertation research process.
  7. Answered the research question by providing in-depth details.
  8. Provide the supporting evidence (qualitative data) with your conclusions that may be quantitative.
  9. Illuminate the dissertation topic of the research and problems.
  10. Provide a strong image of your key findings.
  11. Valuable and effective results are generated through a mixed method approach.

Disadvantages of Using a Mixed Method Approach in Your Dissertation

Here are some of the limitations that you must know before using a mixed method approach in your dissertation.

  1. It can be more complicated to carry out.
  2. It might need more expertise to gather and study data, and to interpret the outcomes, than using one method would.
  3. Combining multiple methods needs extra resources, such as money and time.

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